Heavy Duty Diesel Parts

We specialize in all types of Heavy Duty Diesel Parts and Equipment!  Such as: Caterpillar, Cummins, Detriot Diesel, M.T.U.,  Just to name a few.  Call us, let's discuss your needs!!

Diesel Machine Shop Capabilities

World Wide Parts & Equipment, Inc. offers a full line of Diesel specific Machine Shop services and capabilities.  Our experienced Technicians Align Bore Blocks, Repair holes in the side of blocks, Grind Cranks, Rebuild Cylinder Heads, Hot Weld and Cold Weld cracked heads, Rebuild rods.  Just to name a few.


In our business Reputation is everything!!!  We pick up and deliver parts and machine work.  It is all about the SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE!!! smiley

About Us

World Wide Parts and Equipment, Inc. was established in February 1995.  For the last 20 years we have been selling primarily new deisel parts for Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins, ect., to the oilfield, dirt equipment and truck industry.

Some of our largest customers previously were OEM-Caterpillar only customers for years.  Since their introduction to IPD engine parts, several of the major drilling companies, such as Rowan Companies, Pride International, Nabors Drilling, Ensign, Pioneer and Columbia have converted from OEM to IPD and FP Diesel Parts.

SAVES  $$  AND  MAKES  MORE  CENTS  $$  laugh


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